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Patio Covers & Carports

Allied can provide and install the protection you need. Allied can cover your existing deck or patio with a new Patio Cover. A patio Cover will provide the protection you need from the elements. A Patio Cover will keep the hot sun from beating down on you and your Family. A patio cover will allow you to enjoy the outdoors when it is raining as well. A Patio Cover can save a party or get together that you had planned for weeks. contact us today for a free estimate. We can give you a demonstration on the new foam filled insulated patio over panels that are both structural and sound deadening.

Allied can provide and install a new Carport in as little as one day. A Carport with keep the area around and especially over your car DRY. A Carport will give you an area to safely get into your car in the rain and dreaded snow. The Carport has a gutter system tat will divert the water away from your driveway. A Carport will protect your car finish from the elements. Your car's paint will keep its luster longer. Most importantly a HALE STORM can often be an afterthought with the protection of a Carport. 

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